Ross A. Knepper

  • Roboticist, Computer Scientist
  • Senior Applied Scientist
  • Amazon
  • Ph.D.: Robotics, 2011
  • Carnegie Mellon University
Ross A. Knepper


I am a technical leader who solves the hardest problems in AI for robots and autonomous systems. My passion is to build robot systems that help everyday people solve real problems in their lives. I'm particularly drawn to systems-level problems because their solutions often require cross-functional knowledge, collaboration, and conflict resolution. I thrive in high-ambiguity situations and especially enjoy early-stage product design and development.

I am an internationally-recognized intellectual leader in the robotics research community. I built and run a top research and development team in human-robot interaction (HRI). This topic is of crucial importance when delivering robot intelligence to everyday people; many people struggle to adapt to robots, so we must instead program robots to adapt to their users' needs. My expertise also extends to robot motion planning, motion control, and multirobot algorithms. My research has led to a variety of awards and speaking invitations at conferences and universities around the world.

Featured Robot

Bluebell is a prototype autonomous mobile robot that transports large and heavy packages in an Amazon warehouse.